About Us

Faraz Energy Development International Company (FEDICO) was established by Navrood / Steam / Radira / Aria Pishrow Gharn Companies.

As the companies possess extensive capabilities and experience in different aspects of execution of the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects, they have joined together to complement each other capabilities and resources in order to carry out the projects, successfully, according to the highest industry standards and to the full satisfaction of the client.

FEDICO partners bring together the strengths of each company to form a strong, experienced and capable team to manage and execute projects.

The formation of the FEDICO therefore provides client with the strongest possible team to perform the projects, and supported by very experienced and reputable subcontractors assigned for performance of various parts of the works.

Rather than highlighting all aspects of the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Field Development Project, FEDICO has addressed the aspects which will lead to a successful, safe and timely completion of the project within the budget. It is FEDICO’s opinion that these key critical aspects are dictated to a large extend by the management philosophy and systems employed.

Finally we aggregate our difference capabilities

  • To assemble a fully integrated, multi-disciplined project organization, capable to undertake its own management, engineering, procurement and construction supervision.
  • To have an organizational structure that is flexible and efficient, given the size of the project, in order to enhance rapid and efficient communication and work execution.
  • To implement rigorous project management procedures and execute the work to ensure clear definition of the Work schedules and costs, such that realistic performance measurement and decision-making can be maintained.
  • To undertake, throughout the project’s duration, dedicated quality assurance / control and safety management.
  • To ensure the work sequence and methods established for construction incorporates all necessary safety and protection requirements and is such that schedule will achieve the project’s target completion dates.
  • To seek the utilization of services and supplies from Iran, where such are available and feasible with the project’s goals.